Somewhat too easily one could find oneself resentful of her absences; to which she gently replied, "You know, i watch you stumble about in the dark too."

Comforting to know, but one still has to contend with the inevitable bruises.

She has her humble side too,
for even the light bows
to the pebbles and their silence.
"You think you see things, worlds, universes...
whereas, in reality, you only see their denial of me."

She was not at all dismayed though,
for their rejection had become her glory.
the light
Other times i notice her tucked quietly in a corner.
Then even my glance seems to disturb her.
Some days it seemed that the light would ravish itself.
An insect had flown into a lamp and was hurling itself against the bright bulb. Its folly drawing a wry smile.

"Don't be so smug," I heard the light admonish. "You, yourself, are similarly dazzled by your own ignorance."

I turned off the lamp and sat there, listening to myself flap vainly against the dark.
No matter how slight, she could never be seen from a distance.
Though i liked to think that we had become intimately familiar, occasionally she would just watch as i sank into what seemed to be an inevitable gloom.

"It is not despair which weighs you down and has become your burden," she once said, "for i illuminate it too."

Thus, she would state the obvious; leaving one to grope blindly toward the sound of her voice.
One day while looking together out the window, at the rain,
she turned to explain: "It is not that the clouds obstruct me.
No, not at all. Only that occasionally even I get distracted."
"Fleeting?!?!" She, incredulous.
"It appears that you have mistaken
your life for mine."
another light
another sky
a single ray of light
murmuring, "not here...
not here... i am
the source."
“You can only provide the circumstances,” explained the light.
“I decide when I will reveal myself.”
Though, of course, she is never hidden.
Still, that is the game we play.
might not shadows be
the mysterious
grace hidden in light?
for the light is to be shared
together with its shadows
to let
let the light